What to do during a Tsunami?

Here’s a great video from NOAA reminding people what to do during a tsunami and how to detect one.

A great takeaway from the video discusses how high you should travel to escape the inundation zone…

When escaping a tsunami, the rule of thumb per the NOAA, is 100 feet uphill or 1 mile inland.

2 thoughts on “What to do during a Tsunami?

  1. Just wondering when you will add more articles? I am interested in your blog and read it as a vacationer who stays in Neskowin but lives in Eastern WA.
    My family was there many years ago during an evening drill. We have a son with autism and he was terrified with the sirens and chaos. I am always trying to figure out how best to plan an escape and be able to reassure him. We also had a disabled family member and I never see any info on how to help them.
    Thanks for working hard to share this info with us.

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